We only take time for things that are important to us

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So if you take the time to surf the Internet, watch Netflix or television or play computer games in the evening, you care enough to make time for it. Now you might ask why we manage to take so much time for a job that doesn’t fulfill us or even totally annoys us? My answer will probably provoke you, maybe even make you angry, but please be patient with me and take your time to think about the following statement:

Where you are now, is where you want to be.

What??? Is this guy really saying that I want to be in this job???

Yes! That’s exactly what I’m saying.

Now, before you punch your screen, let me just add something: Where you are, you want to be. Because all the other options, if you thought about it, were too “expensive” for you.

You don’t have to do your job. Nobody is pointing a gun to your head. But you do. Probably for the money. Or for the secure pension (if you’re a civil servant). In your head, or at least in your subconscious, the following thought has often circulated: “Oh, I should give up all this crap and start something new. Hm, but then I won’t earn any money for some time. And I have to figure out what I want to do differently. I have to apply for a job, re-establish myself, maybe even move or learn something new first. Phew, it all sounds so exhausting and uncertain. I’d rather do my stupid job on my salary. I think I’d rather stay a little longer and postpone the decision.”

What happens here in the mind is a weighing up of the costs of different options, where the word “costs” refers not only to money but also to time, effort, uncertainty, learning, etc. So the claim that you are exactly where you want to be is correct. You could change it at any time, but that is just too “expensive” for you.

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