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Today is the last day of your 90-Day Program and the first day of the rest of your life! There is nothing to do today except to acknowledge what you’ve accomplished over the past weeks and months! And I would like to thank you for your trust, commitment, and loyalty.

Here is your task for today:

Look back again at what you’ve done and accomplished – honor that. Celebrate yourself! And please write me a short email about how you’ve been doing. I will definitely read it and answer you. I will use your feedback to constantly improve the offer so that future self-employed people will find it even easier. You can reach me at:

I wish you all the best on your journey, success with your business idea, and the right priorities for your life. Always remember that it is the little things that make life beautiful, that time is much more valuable than (more) money, and that it is the experiences with ourselves and the people we love that make for happiness, joy, and truly living life.

Best wishes and all the best!

Your Moritz