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From the tasks of the last two weeks, you can clearly see that the further we progress in the foundation process, the less specific the program can be in terms of what you should do and when. That is because it’s less and less predictable in which direction your business idea will develop. It’s now increasingly important that you obtain the information you need for your specific decisions yourself, or if necessary, from the Internet or specialist books.

By using new channels, you gain more expertise about your customers, your business idea, and how you present it. You’ll also learn a lot about the channels themselves and how they fit in with your business idea.

Here is your task for today and the next four days:

Use the channel test findings to both develop your business idea – both on the Extended Canvas and in the measures already implemented – and to optimize your channels.

Maybe you need to explain things differently on your website? Is your newsletter informative and valuable enough for your target customers? Or perhaps you notice that one channel is not working as well as you thought and want to test another. That’s what this week is for. However, keep in mind that the channels have only been active for a short time, and some channels need a long lead time before they fulfill their purpose (e.g., a blog). So, don’t give up too quickly, especially as some channels don’t cost you any money or not much (see the table from Day 58 to 62).

In the section “Further reading,” I recommend in-depth sources that you can use according to your needs. If you use my email service, you’ll receive an up-to-date list of further literature for each task.