Reading time: 10 minutes
Processing time: 50 minutes

To date, you should have received feedback by email from the people who are important to you. Today you get to read them!

If you read the answers right away, prepare yourself for the fact that you will feel very beautiful feelings and gratitude. But you may also feel sadness and melancholy because there may be moving words, or you may be reminded of things you have suppressed for far too long. Sometimes you may also be disappointed that a person on whom you have placed great hope only answers briefly and superficially. In contrast, another person might positively surprise you with insights and empathy.

Here now the first part of the task:

Read your answers in peace – several times. When you’re ready, consolidate the results so that you see the answers to all four questions summarized. Write down the four questions and the corresponding feedback in your notebook.

Second part of the task:

Now write down all the important points from the feedback to have a list of your strengths and characteristics and then check them: Are there any similarities? Do people from different periods of your life have different impressions of you? What is the difference in feedback between relatives and friends? Now sort the mentioned characteristics by decreasing frequency of mention. How long is the list? The first three to five points are your greatest strengths, and distinctive characteristics as others see them.

Do you agree with all points? Or are there points that surprise you because you did not expect this to be a strength of yours? Trust it: These are things you are good at and known for. If these are qualities that you don’t like, you may have lived against your inner convictions for a long time, and it’s time that you focus on the things you really want – regardless of what your environment expects of you.

Maybe you are missing some of the qualities you see in yourself? Have others forgotten them, or is this characteristic not (yet) visible to others? Ask someone you trust about this today and listen carefully.

What was this exercise good for? You have supplemented your self-image over the last few days through the perception of others. Now you have a solid base of qualities and strengths on which you can build in the future. Often this means a reorientation because you may be in a professional role that you thought you had to do.

Such a reorientation requires courage, and this requires leaving your comfort zone. You probably left your comfort zone the first day you wrote the email or letter.

Tomorrow, we will do another exercise, which is a bit unusual, to slowly get you and your fellow human beings used to the fact that something is beginning to change in you. Does that scare you a little? Sure, because change is always scary. That’s how it is, and that’s how it will always be. But nothing comes from nothing, and if you continue doing the same things, you will achieve the same results. So, have courage! And be curious and open about what will happen!

Tomorrow, you will take an hour to spend in a café, in a park, or any other public place. Please plan this in advance. If this is not possible for you tomorrow, I’ve got that covered.