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Over the past weeks, you have learned a lot about your business idea, your customers, and also about yourself.

What is the result, how do you feel? Are you euphoric because you had good conversations and people want your offer? Or are you discouraged because your expectations have not been met? Maybe you’ve got reverence for the next steps because you notice things are getting really serious, and your idea is slowly becoming reality.

Here is your task for the next three days:

Use the next three days to consolidate the results, update the Extended Lean Canvas, update your calculation, and discuss the findings with a sparring partner.

As mentioned above, a business idea is constantly evolving because you validate assumptions about the customer and the market and find that minor or major corrections are needed. This is normal and a good sign!

And if you discover that your business idea just won’t work, that’s also a great success!

Otherwise, you would have lost a lot of time and money if you had implemented the idea using the classic method. The motto is “Fail fast!”, i.e., “Fail as fast as possible,” so that if the idea was not quite the right one, you have time and resources to test the next version of your business idea or a completely new one. And if at some point, you just don’t fail anymore, you’ve reached your goal.

I know this sounds paradoxical at first glance. But the point is to establish as early as possible whether an idea doesn’t work and not to lull oneself into false hopes for a long time. Because then the “disappointment” of feeling defeated is all the more intense and expensive.