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You’ve thought about who your customers are and where you can meet them. You also prepared your questionnaire and got some good working pens – time for some action!

Today’s task will take you out of your comfort zone because very few people find it easy to talk to strangers. Fortunately, you’ve already practiced this in this program and are now ready!

I promise you: Once you’ve overcome your fear and have had your first chats, you’ll notice how much fun it is and how incredibly much you’ll learn. It’s like any other skill: the more you do something, the better you get at it. And you’ll begin to feel what it’s like to be independent …

Your task for today:

Go to where your potential customers are, take out your clipboard with the questionnaires, address the first person in a friendly and confident manner, and get going!

It’s better to concentrate initially only on the questions concerning the target group and the problems rather than deal with all aspects only superficially. Therefore, at first, ask these aspects in a concentrated way and then ask if they still have time for further questions. Always ask if you can have an email and/or a phone number to ask for more information and if the person wants to be kept informed about your idea’s progress. In this way, you can start to make a list of people who will be very valuable later.

If you notice during the interview that you’ve forgotten certain aspects of your questionnaire, add them.

After your survey, it’s best to create an Excel list or even just a tally sheet to evaluate the questionnaire’s individual questions. Enter the results every evening. Only update the questionnaire if you’ve come up with critical new questions or if it contains gross errors.