Reading time: 10 minutes
Processing time: 50 minutes

In the last few days, you’ve been taking care of your personal work organization. In the following days, make sure to continue to follow and maintain the new resolutions regularly. It takes some time until new habits feel “right.” But it’s worth it!

Today and in the next few days, it’s all about improving your cooperation with others.

Your task for today:

Take a close look at the following time-eaters and consider which ones apply to your life and to what extent. Think about whether other things bother you in working with others and what you’d like to change.

Appointments with friends, relatives, colleagues are not keptAm I tolerant?
Gossip in the office, too many disturbances by visitorsFeel like I belong?
Unscheduled meetings, multiple meetings, and conferencesFeel important?
Do everything yourself Feel irreplaceable?
Helper syndrome or "not being able to say no."Feel important?

List the time-eaters in order – the most prominent first – and write them down in your notebook. Where do you feel that you waste the most time? What benefits you? And what would you like to eliminate or reduce? Do this before you continue reading.

Second part of the task:

At each point, think about how you’d like to handle it better in the future and what you can do to lose less time and be more focused.

Do this again before you read on.

Third part of the task:

Below, you will find suggestions to complement your own ideas. Which of these appeals to you? Complete your notes.

Appointments of friends, relatives, colleagues are not keptImmediately add an appointment to the calendar and invite others by email; give feedback when people are late, as often many people are waiting in the meeting
Gossip in the office, too many disturbances by visitorsBe obligatory when working in a concentrated manner and when visiting people, do not ask, "Hello, how are you?" but "Hello, what can I do for you?" and make it clear that you are "in the middle of something" and will get back to you later; use the "Do not disturb" sign
Unscheduled meetings, meetings, and conferencesStay as far away from meetings as possible; ask for clear objectives and agenda or send them out beforehand; set a strong moderator; time-boxing (announce the time window for the meeting and for each topic at the beginning); say goodbye to ineffective meetings early with reasons
Do everything yourselfLearn how to delegate, even with small household tasks; ask others for help; if you have new tasks, first find out whether you are really the right person for them: if so, find someone who has already done this and use their experience
Helper syndrome or "not being able to say no."Realize that every "yes" means a "no" to something else. And every "no" to someone else is a "yes" to your life.

Last part of the task:

Choose at least one thing that you can do today and preferably right away (e.g., draw a “Do not disturb” door sign to clearly show your family that you want to concentrate on your work).

This exercise prepares you to work with others to make your dream job a reality. For this, you will need the support and cooperation of customers, partners, colleagues, suppliers, authorities, etc.