Reading time: 5 minutes
Processing time: 30 minutes + extra time within the next 4 weeks


The description of today’s task is short, but the principle behind it is essential to successfully implement your business idea later on: Get used to tackling the most unpleasant task first thing in the morning.

This gives you a good feeling for the rest of the day and dispels the bad conscience that would otherwise burden you all day long because of the unfinished task.



Now here comes your task:

Today, write down the five most important things in your notebook that you should do but have been putting off for a while. Typical examples are: Do your tax return, cancel unnecessary contracts or switch to a better provider, make a long-overdue dentist appointment, take something defective to be repaired, have a clarifying conversation, etc.

Second part of the task:

Now choose a task that you can do today and enter the remaining tasks as a to-do in your calendar for the next 21 days.

Afterward, sit down to the task you have set yourself for today. In the following days, complete the remaining procrastination tasks before starting any other daily or work task that day.

This exercise prepares you for future independence. You’ll always have to get unpleasant things off the table quickly to a) be more satisfied with yourself and b) concentrate on the satisfaction of your customers. You will also have more energy when you have finally emptied your rucksack of unfinished business. You will need this energy in the coming weeks to implement your business idea!