Reading time: 5 minutes
Processing time: 40 minutes

Yesterday you took the first step and immediately got support from people who are important to you. Well done!

Today, and over the next three days, you will be occupied with yourself, which means we’ll look at your “self-image.” We start with the dreams and wishes of your childhood. Do you still remember what you wanted to become as a child?

Here comes the first part of today's task:

Write down the question “What did I want to become as a child?” in your notebook and make a list of the activities or professions you wanted to become as a child.

It’s not unusual for children to have very typical children’s career aspirations, such as pilot, firefighter, train conductor, football player, dancer, inventor, nurse, millionaire, etc. Children simply do not know many professions yet, but their career aspirations say something about their deeper motivations. For example, “pilots” and “train conductors” would like to travel and/or master technology. The “conductor” also needs to deal with people, while the “pilot” prefers to work alone and take responsibility for it.

Now to the second (optional) part of today's task:

When you are ready, when it’s suitable and possible, call your parents, siblings, or grandparents. Ask them which of your career aspirations they remember and laugh together about the past. Then add these career aspirations to your list.

And this is the final part of the task:

Look at the professions you want to do and think about what these professions have in common, write them down in keywords (e.g., work with people, work in nature, and help others be creative).

Career AspirationCharacteristics of the profession
PilotTaking responsibility for others, mastering technology, leading a team
Veterinary SurgeonHelping animals, working with animals, understanding how life works
DoctorHelping others, taking responsibility, working with people, understanding how life works
AstronautDiscover new things, be a pioneer, master technology, take responsibility
InventorDeveloping new things, developing and mastering technology, being creative

Then mark the two or three characteristics that occur particularly frequently and/or are particularly important to you. Put them in descending order of importance for you.

For our example, it would look like this:

  1. Mastering technology (mentioned 3 times)
  2. Taking responsibility (mentioned 3 times)
  3. Discover new things (mentioned 2 times)

This exercise is designed to give you some initial ideas about what your vocation might be, which you felt as a young person, completely unfiltered. Other exercises will follow to gradually complete your picture. But you can already start thinking about possibilities or talking to others about how you can combine these qualities or activities in your own personal “job.”