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Do you binge-watch or frequently sit in front of YouTube or other video websites? Then you have a lot more time than you admit! For the sake of simplicity, we’ll summarize all these time-eaters below under “TV.”

Your task for today:

Start by restricting your television consumption. If you watch every day, decide now that you will only allow yourself one or two hours of “sprinkling” once or twice a week at most. On the other days, use the time for yourself and your business idea. You will be surprised how quickly you make progress!

Today and for the next two days, television will be canceled. Use this time to decide with the people you live with on how, when, and for how long you’ll be watching television.

If you live alone, consider completely canceling streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, HBO, etc. That way, you not only have more time but also a little more money.

Consider this: You make time for things that are important to you. Do you want to prioritize television over actively shaping your life and finding a job that makes you happy and satisfied in the long run?

By the way, the same applies to listening to the radio and podcasts. If you like the radio as background music, you can leave it at that. But if these shows are inundated with news, commercials, etc., then try living without them for a week starting today. At the very least, these things draw your attention away from other – more important – issues. This content (frequent negative and disturbing news items) also can impose a negative mindset and costs you precious energy. Important news isn’t going anywhere and you’re not going to miss it because media repeat “breaking news” ad nauseum. So, you can relax knowing that if you missed a news item, it was probably not so important for your life after all.

This exercise will make more time available for your most important project and reduce information overload. Notice how this gets you in touch with your inner voice or intuition over the next few days.