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Welcome to your first day of the 90-Day Programm!

In the first week, we will focus on your strengths and your inner motivation. Today, ask the people around you for their feedback. These are people who know you very well, for a long time, and whom you trust. Typically, these are your partner, parents, grandparents, siblings, old friends, uncles and aunts, neighbors, colleagues, etc.

This is the first task because it takes a few days until you get the answers. We will use the remaining days of the first week for tasks you can do on your own.

Here is your first task

Write an email to five people from your present and past and ask them for feedback. You can use the following text, change it if necessary, or write your own mail (or letter):

Dear xxx,

I am currently considering my professional future, and I would like to ask you for a favor. You know me very well, and I trust you. Could you help me with feedback on the following questions?

  • What do you think are my greatest strengths and talents?
  • What have I done exceptionally well in the past?
  • Which topics do I know particularly well, what would you ask me for advice on?
  • What kind of job/occupation could you imagine for me, if I could decide completely independent of time, place, and money?

Can you think of any other points that are important to you and that you’d like to share with me?

It would be great if you could answer by XXX afternoon (date of today, in six days).


I am very much looking forward to your feedback and will be happy to contact you afterward.

Best regards

I can imagine how curious you are about the answers, but please do not read them until the day after the deadline mentioned in the mail.

This exercise aims to give you a so-called “external image” of yourself, which you only look at after you have worked out your “self-image” over the next few days. You are welcome to thank the senders directly, but if possible, do not discuss the topic with them until next week.

Have fun writing!