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Almost every business has a website these days, and chances are that one will be worth your while. Why? Because nowadays almost everyone is looking for providers on the Internet. Also, the Internet is the perfect channel to attract customers who are not looking for you because they don’t know they need your offer. Online marketing (e.g., Google Ads or Facebook Ads) can help you reach your customer group quickly and accurately – but it also costs a lot, as explained below.

Apps are also becoming increasingly popular and are now relatively easy to create. However, you should already have a good reason to offer an app and what your customers should do with it.

The methods to own an app or website are diverse and offer distinct advantages and disadvantages.

Here is your task for today:

Here I present three options, depending on your needs and budget. Think about whether and when you want to invest in a website and decide on a suitable provider.

Web domain and web hosting

Most of the companies that design a website for you are also happy to take care of domain registration and web hosting. Of course, you have to pay for it yourself because the hosting with the domain usually costs a monthly fee. The registration of the domain often causes one-time costs, but these are not very high.

A simple website for little money or even free

If your business idea does not refer to the Internet itself, but you want to use the Internet as a digital business card on which your (potential) customers can inform themselves, you need a classic website. These are already available today for very little money or even for free.

If you want to do things yourself to save money and get the first result quickly, there are simple solutions I have put together for you here:

Regardless of whether it’s a website with information, a blog, or an online shop, you’ll find proven providers for all areas.

A simple app for little money

Meanwhile, several online tools allow you to build your own app based on a “template” without any programming knowledge. You can use this as a great jumping-off point when discussing your ideas with a professional developer.

You should be aware of the two basic forms of apps:

  • Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are a mobile phone-friendly website opened on a smartphone, as well as a tablet and PC/laptop via a browser.
  • Native Apps are the small applications that you download from an App Store and install as icons on your iPhone or Android phone. These are a bit more sophisticated and usually more expensive to develop than PWAs. Most users want Native Apps.

You can find an overview of providers of apps at

A progressive web app costs about $25 per month, native Android apps cost $48 per month, and iOS apps for Apple iPad and iPhone cost almost $100 per month. But some providers are completely free, who earn their money by advertising in your app.

A somewhat more sophisticated app or website that is to be maintained and developed in the future

If your website is an integral part of your business idea or you even want to sell over the Internet, the requirements are usually a bit higher. In this case, it makes sense to look for a competent partner to build up your website and maintain it for you.

If you think you can do it, it makes sense to first create a simple app or website yourself with the above-mentioned providers. This costs very little money, and, over time, you’ll learn what you actually need. Should you include a blog? Do you want customers to be able to register for a newsletter? Would a chat be useful? When you’re finished with the structure of your app or website, find an expert who will develop it more professionally according to your wishes to make the design more striking and add functions not available in the cheap “construction kits.”

Here you’ll find an overview of providers who develop and maintain a professional website for you:

If you would like to use a partner, find one who makes a good impression on you and get an offer without stating a price limit. In return, you’ll explain to him what you have in mind, and he’ll ask you questions about points you have not thought of. Step-by-step, this will give you a clearer picture of your app or website, and you’ll receive an offer. Anticipate an expensive offer because we haven’t set a limit (deliberately).

However, do not accept this offer under any circumstances yet, but get at least two comparison offers, this time setting a limit which is significantly lower than the first offer (e.g., $500 instead of the $1,500 demanded by the first offer). The preparation of the offers will now be much faster, as the most important requirements have already been clarified. In the conversations with the other providers, you’ll now determine whether they’re more competent (e.g., by asking you important questions that the other one didn’t even have) or whether your first choice was perhaps the right one. If the first provider still appeals to you the most, talk to them about the comparison offers and tell them that you would like to work with them but that you have significantly cheaper offers. As a rule, they will offer you the competitor’s price. If not, it’s up to you whether you hire him after all and invest more money. If they don’t give in too quickly and not too much, this can be a good sign. It could well be that they are worth more money.

In any case, be guided by how much you trust the individual. If you have a bad feeling, by all means, leave it and keep looking. There are an incredible number of suppliers out there who would love to have your business.

At the providers under, you’ll find a wide variety of service providers, including many web and app developers. The costs range from $100 for a very simple website or app to several thousand or tens of thousands of dollars for something more sophisticated.

A very sophisticated app or website that is the heart of your business

If the website or app is the core of your business, it might be worth looking for a partner near you. This has the great advantage that you can get together to discuss your requirements, eliminating potential miscommunications that can arise from virtual interactions. Your partner will present interim results and clarify any newly emerging questions with you. Such a partner is easily five to ten times more expensive than one on the other side of the world. But communication can be so crucial to success or failure that it pays off.

You can find professional providers in your area via the portals mentioned above by entering your region in the search or via Google search. Consider whether you have an IT-savvy friend or acquaintance who can support you at the beginning and accompany you during the initial discussions and meetings. This person could save you a lot of time and money by acting as a “bridge” between you and your business idea and the IT world at the beginning.

Online Marketing

Online marketing includes all advertising activities carried out online, i.e., advertising on websites, apps, newsletters, advertising e-mails, and advertising on social networks. This is a separate and very complex area where you either already know your way around (in which case I don’t need to explain much) or don’t. In the latter case, you don’t want to learn this to build your business because this is a science in itself. The good news is that many freelancers around the world are happy to do this job for you.

As described above, you can also find them on one of the platforms: www.