Reading time: 10 minutes
Processing time: 40 minutes

Well, what was the experience yesterday when you were exposed to “boredom?” What did it feel like to be without your mobile phone for a while? Pretty scary how much we’re dependent on it, isn’t it?

I recommend that you leave your mobile phone at home more often over the next few days when you go out to meet or visit someone, for example. You will have a much more intense time, and you will probably notice, slightly annoyed, how distracted the other person is by their mobile phone. Tell us about your “mobile phone experiment;” your counterpart will most likely agree with you and put their mobile phone away immediately.

Now we come to your task for today:

Look at the following 14 pairs of terms, decide spontaneously (without much weighing and thinking) which of the two terms you like less and cross it out.

Power Freedom
Curiosity Recognition
Order Save
Honor Justice
Relations Status
Family Eros
Success Enjoyment
Vitality Beauty
Fun Silence
Wealth Harmony
Challenge Fame
Joy Idealism
Security Adventure
Independence Activity

Please do not continue reading until you have crossed out a term in each line.

Second part of the task:

From the remaining terms, choose the seven that touch you most positively and write these terms in your notebook.

Only read on after you have selected and noted down seven terms.

And the third part of the task:

Now mark the three of the seven terms that appeal to you most and make you feel good. Write these three in your notebook, one below the other, in the order of importance to you, i.e. the most important one is at the top.

These three terms are your life motives, which were described by the motivation researcher Seven Reiss (2009). As a rule, your life motives hardly change. When they do, it’s mostly through very drastic experiences.

If you have “vitality” among your top 3 words, please choose a fourth from the other words. Please do not continue reading until you have done so.

And the last part of the task for today, if you had "vitality" in the top 3:

The desire for life force is a sign that you are quite exhausted. Take extra good care of yourself now; you are the most important thing in the world! You can only be there for others if you have taken good care of yourself. So, take special care of yourself, your body, and your soul!

This exercise enriches your understanding of yourself with rational aspects that your left brain understands well. It complements the first few days’ exercises, which were aimed more at your creative right brain.