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Today’s task is important preparation for the following weeks, especially for the weekends. And it is a task that should be fun!

So, here's the assignment:

Write a list of things that are both good for you and relatively easy for you to do (e.g., taking a nice bath, going for a walk, cooking something tasty, painting a picture, listening to nice music, doing sports, going to the sauna) If you like; you can also divide the list according to things you could do every day (e.g., make a nice cup of tea, read a good book, go for a walk) or more on a weekly basis (e.g., jogging, going to the library) or even monthly (e.g., going to the cinema alone, cooking something especially tasty, eating sushi with friends).

The second part of the task:

Hang this list in a place in your home that is clearly visible to you every day (e.g., on the fridge) and add to it if you can think of anything else.

In the future, pick one, two, or three things from your list every weekend and do them to make sure you’re doing well. Enjoy the weekends; switch off the 90-Day Program deliberately because it’ll keep you busy enough from Monday to Friday …