Reading time: 10 minutes
Processing time: 50 minutes

Having dealt with the core resources yesterday, today is about identifying the partners you need for implementation. Partners are people, companies, authorities, institutions, etc. with whom you interact sporadically or regularly to build and run your business.

Your task today:

Take your Post-its and note down all the core partners you need to implement your idea. Usually, you’ll need certain service providers for the development of your business idea (e.g., designers, web programmers, interior designers, consultants) and others for the later operation.

Imagine again exactly how to implement your business idea: Whose help do you need to implement the core activities? What do you want to do yourself, and what can you leave to others to reach your goal faster and more professionally? If in doubt, it’s better to delegate tasks because a) you’ll have enough to do anyway and b) your stress level should remain at a healthy level through independence, even if this means sharing part of the income with partners. Believe me, it’s usually worth it, because time on your own is the scarcest resource today, isn’t it?

Then imagine how you run your business. What things have to be done every day, every week, or every month and whose help do you need? For example, daily cleaning, weekly website updates, monthly billing, accounting, or annual inventory.

Stick the Post-its in the order of importance on the Extended Canvas. Now compare the result with the contents of the cost structure in both the canvas and your Excel spreadsheet. Maybe the costs for some partners are not yet included? Then update the corresponding places.