Reading time: 10 minutes
Processing time: 50 minutes

Today it’s all about what you need to implement and run your business idea. You already received important information on Day 44 when you worked out the most important cost items.

Your task today:

Take your Post-its and collect all the capital and consumer goods you need to realize your idea. This is not about every detail, but about similar classes of capital goods (e.g., “furnishings” instead of chairs, tables, and carpets) and consumer goods (e.g., “housekeeping” instead of soap, toilet paper, and bin liners).

Imagine exactly how you build up your business idea: what do you need to get started? Here you’re more likely to find the capital goods that you need to purchase once only or purchase new ones at longer intervals.

Then imagine how you run your business. What things do you do every day, week, month, or year (see your core activities of Day 46), and what do you need to do? Here you’re more likely to find the consumer goods that need to be bought regularly.

Stick the Post-its in the order of importance on the “Core Resources” field of your Business Model Canvas. Now compare the result with the contents of the cost structure. Are there things that you’ve not yet considered? Or do you need to adjust your cost structure with today’s knowledge? Then update the relevant sections.