Reading time: 5 minutes
Processing time: 20 minutes + optional 30 minutes

Today, we turn to your strengths. These are often qualities and activities that you find particularly easy. The curious thing is that most people are not even aware of their greatest strengths, precisely because they find them so easy. When they are praised for it, they often say: “Oh that!? That’s nothing special, is it?” Yes, it is! For others, it is, but not for this person, because they find it so easy. The reason it comes so naturally is because it’s a great and deeply rooted strength.

So, here's your assignment for today:

What kinds of tasks do you find particularly easy? Write them down in your notebook. Likely, you will not find this easy yourself and not score many points. That is normal and totally okay.

Please create the list now before you continue reading.

Here is a second (optional) part of the task:

If it’s convenient for you and others, talk about the question, “What do I find particularly easy?” with at least one person close to you, for example, during a walk, over a meal/coffee, or on the phone.  Later, add the most important new findings to your notebook. Often, you’ll add one or more points that you don’t think are very important. But take them seriously and be happy about them. These are things you do so well that it’s just second nature to you! If you don’t want to “annoy” the person you trust, just do this exercise on your own.

This exercise completes the picture of your inner self so that over time, it becomes clearer and clearer what you can do, where you want to go, and you will advocate this with increasing force in time.

Note: If you are still waiting for replies to your email from day 1, please remind the recipients today. Maybe you just give them a call – this is an excellent opportunity to get back in touch with the people you care about and perhaps speak too little. But don’t discuss their answers on the phone; just send them an email so that you have it “in black and white.” Just call back when you’ve read the email to say thank you and to exchange ideas.