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Today we’ll further narrow down the areas in which you’d like to work. For example, do you like to work alone, or do you prefer working on a team? Is it important for you to interact with customers, or do you prefer to work in the background? The following table will help you answer these questions.

Now here is your task:

Go through the table from left to right and look for one or two terms in each column you like most. This will result in the following work areas, for example:


“I would like to cook and deliver high-quality (= segment) soups in my city from home (= where) for private customers (= for whom) (= activity from your ‘dream life’ of Day 9).

Wo? Mit wem? Für wen? Segment? Was?
zu Hause alleinPrivatkundenkostenlosHier kommt der Inhalt deiner Berufung hin: dein „Wunschleben“ aus der Übung vom Tag 9.
im Freien im Team Geschäftskunden günstig
im BüroPatientenmittelpreisig
im GeschäftKundenexklusiv
am ComputerPartnern
am TelefonUnternehmen
in meiner StadtTieren
in meiner Regionggf. andere
in meinem Land
ggf. anderswo

With this exercise, you have further narrowed down and specified the framework of your business idea.

The following steps are about validating that the idea not only appeals to you but also to your customers. This process will teach you a lot about customers’ needs so that you can gradually modify your idea to maximize the probability of success.