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If you want to set up your own business, it’s important to gain feedback from others and formulate what you want from them. This takes courage and some practice, and that’s precisely what we’re working on now.

Your task for today:

Choose an event you can go to in the next seven days. And go alone! Understand this – don’t take anyone else with you. Register – if necessary – for this event and add it to your calendar.

Voluntarily put yourself in a situation where you don’t know anyone else. Without someone to engage with, you’re more likely to interact with others. But don’t put too much pressure on yourself. If you don’t talk to someone right away, that’s fine! Remember: everyone feels the same way you do.

Most people are happy when they are approached in a friendly manner, especially when asked for advice. Start your exercise by asking people for directions twice on the way to the event, even if you actually know the way. It is all about the exercise. You’ve been out and about and among strangers – perhaps, something you’ve never done before.

Look around for events in your city where you can meet and talk to others (art shows, book readings, music concerts, etc.). A museum is ideal. Look at the objects or works of art and simply talk to someone else who is looking at the same thing by saying what you notice or like. Just try it! And let yourself be surprised at what interesting conversations will result. And who knows – maybe this program will not only help you get your dream job in the end but you´ll make meaningful connections?

This exercise prepares you to test your business idea on potential customers later on, which you also have to address.

Note: In six days, you’ll want to have a sparring partner for task 31. I’m notifying you today so that you can make an appointment with them for day 31.